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Timber Management Plans

A management plan is an important tool that can be used to improve the future health of your forest.  The plan consists of establishing your goals for the land, identifying its current resources, and creating a timeline and set of strategies to achieve your set goals.  Common goals include enhancing the quality of the timber product, generating long term income, producing firewood, enhancing habitat for wildlife, improving access for recreation, improving hunting or fishing, protecting water quality, preserving or protecting scenic beauty, and so on.  There are many benefits to creating a timber management plan, such as property tax benefits, forest certification, access to cost-share programs, and the increased value of your timber product.  Check out a sample of a forest management plan to get a better idea of what it entails.

Timber Marking

There are two purposes for timber marking: one is for the removal of undesired trees and the other is for the sale of trees.  The former, called controlled cutting, removes inferior species, overmature, and diseased trees to improve the overall timber stand.  The removal of such will allow desired trees to flourish.  The latter, marking for a timber sell, prevents any misunderstanding between the landowner and buyer on which trees are to be cut.

Timber Marketing and Sales

Our consultants have 30 plus years of experience selling timber.  We can help you figure out the value of your woods and what the timber should sell for.  Then, we take care to find the right buyers to get the best prices through competitive bids.  We also only pick buyers that care about the woods and will do their best to protect your forest

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

The woodlands of Indiana are not always arranged in the most desirable way to meet the land use objectives and needs of landowners.  Certain elements in the woodlands can be manipulated to make a forest healthier and more productive. Timber stand improvement consists of thinning overcrowded stands (of trees), deadening harmful grapevines, killing cull trees, and so on.  This is in turn will allow the remaining trees more access to sunlight, nutrients and water.  That means the higher value trees will flourish bringing more profit to later timber harvests.  When left alone, the trees will develop much slower and not reach their full potential.  TSI will help your forest become much healthier and will benefit future generations and harvests.

timber appraisal

Timber Appraisals

Do you want to know what the current value of your standing timber is?  An appraisal will measure the volume and value of the timber on your property.  This is also very useful if you plan on selling your property as the value of timber would not be included with the real estate value.

Invasive Species Management

Invasive species management will help minimize the harm of any invasive species on your property and improve the health of native plants.  Invasive species can monopolize areas and kill native plant species.  This causes an imbalance in the ecosystem of your woods and can harm the value of your timber.  We can help you remove, prevent and diminish invasive plant species and in turn encourage native plant species to flourish.

Contract Labor

We supply contract labor to logging companies with a range of services, from tree cutting to timber marking, to lend a helping hand on job sites.