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The Easy Way to Sell Timber

We do everything for you from tree inventory and valuation to marketing and timber sales. You have trees and we get you the best price. Do you want to find out what your trees are worth?

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Manage Your Forest

Not ready for a timber harvest? We provide services such as timber management and timber stand improvement to ready your woods for a future harvest. This is an investment that brings more profit when you do decide to sell your timber.

Our Services

Timber Appraisal

Do you want to know the current value of your standing timber? An appraisal will measure the volume and value of the timber on your property.

Forest Management

We provide a range of services including timber management plans, timber stand improvement (TSI), removal of invasive species, etc.

Timber Marketing

Looking to sell? Get the best price for your timber. We can help you find the right buyer through competitive bidding.


Aram W. Wright

Since being awarded his B.S. in Forestry from Purdue University, Aram has worked as a forester for over 35 years. Aram has spent much of his life in the woods between his work and favorite hobbies, such as hunting and fishing. Identifying tree species has become second nature and he understands the logging industry like the back of his hand. Aram knows the importance of protecting your land and only deals with the most efficient loggers. He will ensure you get the best prices and the most careful loggers during a timber sale.

Urim Summerton

With a B.S. in Forestry and 15 years of experience under his belt, Urim knows how to handle all aspects of forest management from timber appraisals to timber sales. His easy-going, fun-loving personality makes him a joy to work with. He always stays on top of whats happening with the logging industry and is great at getting you top dollar for your timber.

We are industrial foresters

Industrial isn't a pretty sounding word, we didn't pick it, but it means we can get more money per tree without compromising on forest health. How? Simple. Industrial foresters know the market - what to sell, when to sell it and for how much. Just knowing what trees you have is the first step.

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