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We Are Foresters

If you are looking to sell your timber or manage your forest, finding a forester should be your first step. They are trained in the art of keeping forests healthy, as well as understand the value of timber. A forester can tell if your forest has been invaded by foreign plant species, and can help you get rid of said plants. They can appraise your timber and not only let you know it’s value, but also help you mark it and set up competitive bids to find the best buyers. They can even help you set up a management plan to groom your woods for future timber harvests. This ensures you will get the most money possible from a timber harvest and sale.

Aram and Urim are foresters with BS degrees in Forestry from Purdue University. They have a combined 50 years of experience working in the forestry industry. With their different set of skills, Aram and Urim work together as an effective team to accomplish landowner goals. They provide an array of services including creating land management plans, timber stand improvement, invasive species management, timber appraisals, timber marking, and the marketing and sale of the timber itself. 

Why choose an industrial forester over a consulting forester?

You may have heard of these two terms and wondered at the difference. A consulting forester is a forester who’s main aim is management of the land and forest – they don’t know much of the sales side. On the other hand, an industrial forester is a forester who not only knows forest land management, but also has worked for the procurement of timber for the forestry industry. This means: they know what types of trees are currently selling and how to mark a job in such a way as to get the highest timber bidders. The college degrees are the same – it’s their experience that is different.

Have you ever, or do you know a landowner, whose timber wouldn’t fetch a high price or bring in many bidders? Low quality timber being ruled out, it’s highly possible you had a forester who didn’t know about the timber market marking your trees. Aram and Urim are industrial foresters and know log sales. They know what is hot on the market and how to mark your timber to bring in the best prices for it. They also know how to mark in the low quality trees so they are removed from your forest. If this isn’t done, then your woods will be taken over by unwanted trees making a future harvest.